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[texts]Atari 7800 Manual: Tower Toppler (1988)(Atari)
Atari 7800 Manual: Tower Toppler (1988)(Atari)
Keywords: tower; atari; controller; topple; game; destroy; points; press; move; elevator; fire button; press fire; move controller
Downloads: 25
[texts]Academy - Tau Ceti II (1987)(CRL Group)
Academy - Tau Ceti II (1987)(CRL Group)
Keywords: skimmer; mission; pointer; menu; select; equipment; skimmers; press; move; selected; main menu; press fire; average score
Downloads: 24
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Pitstop II (1984)(Kixx)[budget]
Commodore C64 Manual: Pitstop II (1984)(Kixx)[budget]
Keywords: race; joystick; pitstop; press; fuel; player; racing; crew; cursor; tyres; tyre wear; press fire; crew member
Downloads: 33
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Double Dragon (1988)(Arcadia)[a]
Commodore C64 Manual: Double Dragon (1988)(Arcadia)[a]
Keywords: joystick; height; press; mastertronic; backward; fire; kick; weight; billy; move; press fire; move joystick
Downloads: 66
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Double Dragon (1988)(Arcadia)
Commodore C64 Manual: Double Dragon (1988)(Arcadia)
Keywords: joystick; height; press; mastertronic; backward; move; kick; weight; arcade; fire; move joystick; press fire
Downloads: 28
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Double Dragon (1991)(Ocean Software)
Commodore C64 Manual: Double Dragon (1991)(Ocean Software)
Keywords: fire; moves; height; cartridge; weight; childline; billy; press; baseball; joystick; press fire; fire button; standing moves; hold fire; space bar
Downloads: 26
[texts]Crashed Newsletter Issue 08

Keywords: speccy; tor; crashed; sam; games; zenobi; software; lor; crazy golf; game; west coast; coast orders; press fire; campus leisure; crashed awards; playing tips
Downloads: 72
[texts]Xenon 2 (1991)(Mirror Image)
Xenon 2 (1991)(Mirror Image)
Keywords: disk; joystick; fire; rhythm king; scrolling; mirrorsoft; lifeforms; southwark; ship; press; screen; free mirror; fire button; press return; mirror image; press fire; insert disk
Downloads: 43
[texts]Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Pitstop (1983)(Epyx)
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Pitstop (1983)(Epyx)
Keywords: joystick; tire; race; tires; circuit; grand; press; burton; crew; racing; fire button; press fire; power switch; joystick forward; grand circuit; fire burton
Downloads: 34
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 089

Keywords: ihe; jump; gel; lor; game; thai; games; bul; tor; ihey; press fire; ihe game; tape head; silica systems; press rre; grand prix; credit card; cheques payable
Downloads: 306
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Boot Camp (1987)(Konami)
Commodore C64 Manual: Boot Camp (1987)(Konami)
Keywords: joystick; button; press; ibm; instructions; move; range; firing; boot; maneuver; boot camp; iron man; firing range; move left; press button; move joystick; press fire; fire button
Downloads: 33
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Rolf Harris Picture Builder (1984)(Commodore)(AU)
Commodore C64 Manual: Rolf Harris Picture Builder (1984)(Commodore)(AU)
Keywords: cursor; press; picture; cassette; disk; character; loading; screen; characters; insert; fire button; cassette unit; picture builder; space bar; character set; press fire; special character; cursor box
Downloads: 26
[texts]Copter 271 (1991)(Loriciel)
Copter 271 (1991)(Loriciel)
Keywords: joystick; vous; copter; joueur; del; bonus; sur; manette; les ennemis; votre; jugador; del joystick; appuyez sur; fire button; votre manette; seleccionas con; press fire; vous avez; tus enemigos; manette vers
Downloads: 16
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Battle Command (1991)(Ocean)[a]
Commodore C64 Manual: Battle Command (1991)(Ocean)[a]
Keywords: sie; die; premi; wird; pulsante; mauler; und; den; battle command; mit; mit dem; das spiel; drucken der; der feuertaste; ocean software; press fire; durch drucken; sie die; software limited
Downloads: 18
[texts]WWF Wrestle Mania (1991)(Ocean)(M4)
WWF Wrestle Mania (1991)(Ocean)(M4)
Keywords: und; sur; sie; software limited; die; das; quand; dans; sich; ocean software; wwf; auf dem; und feuer; appuie sur; wenn man; press fire; insert disk; wenn sie; premere fuoco
Downloads: 27
[texts]Commodore DiskUser Issue 08
Commodore DiskUser Jan/Feb 89 (Volume 2 Number 2) Vindicator by GH, Captain Blood by Tony Hetherington, The Games - Summer Edition by Tony Hetherington, Disk Turbo by Dave Taylor, Blastball by S Patrick and S Maloney, Colour Bind by Mark Mainwood, Border Sprite by Jason Finch, Data Maker by Sanjeev J Massey, Life, Menu Maker by Nick Gregory, Microdot by Jim Blackler, Spots by Keith Suddick, Easy Scroller by Mario Annetta, Runaway by Christopher Hester, CDU Forth by R Lincoln, Dungeons and Dragon...
Keywords: tfie; disk; ttie; screen; game; che; zmon; program; routine; sprite; captain blood; ttie game; top left; press fire; machine code; disk user; start address; basic program; commodore disk; tfie computer
Downloads: 114
[texts]World of Sports (1990)(Epyx)
World of Sports (1990)(Epyx)
Keywords: vous; pour; und; para; joystick; les; una; des; auf; sur; sur feu; appuyez sur; press fire; joystick nach; die welle; den joystick; bewege den; view high; slalom skiing; santa cruz
Downloads: 21
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 089

Keywords: ond; ore; gome; graphics; fhe; rhe; hove; game; spectrum version; tor; mail order; face north; ihe game; press fire; tenstar pack; ond sound; randomize usr; sega games; dungeon master
Downloads: 296
[texts]Computer and Videogames Magazine Issue 057

Keywords: game; commodore; spectrum; games; computer; graphics; adventure; software; post haste; amstrad; tubular bells; melbourne house; keith campbell; press fire; ideas central; global supremacy; video games; action bank; mail order
Downloads: 350
[texts]TheOne Magazine Issue 18

Keywords: amiga; software; atari; game; games; graphics; arcade; disk; itw; computer; pipe mania; fun school; move left; press fire; file disk; disk file; credit card; public domain; double dragon; arcade adventure
Downloads: 216
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 008

Keywords: ihe; game; thai; vou; commodore; december; arcade; software; graphics; games; good software; pet person; ihe game; white wizard; sound effects; press fire; mail order; trade enquiries; melbourne house; lasting interest
Downloads: 403
[texts]Commodore Disk User - Volume 02 Number 02 (1989-01)(Argus Specialist Publications)(GB)
Commodore Disk User - Volume 02 Number 02 (1989-01)(Argus Specialist Publications)(GB)
Keywords: disk; program; screen; zmon; game; characters; sprite; joystick; dice; routine; top left; machine code; disk user; commodore disk; basic program; press fire; menu maker; edit box; easy scroller; colon definition
Downloads: 45
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 54

Keywords: atari; data; disk; ihe; game; user; poke; graphics; program; atari user; original price; rom cartridge; disk original; fun school; press fire; light gun; flight simulator; silica systems; random numbers
Downloads: 500
[texts]Eye of Horus (1990)(Logotron)
Eye of Horus (1990)(Logotron)
Keywords: horus; des; und; press fire; vous; est; pour; osiris; den; appuyez sur; von; und die; und der; von der; vous devez; sur les; votre ordinoteur; des osiris; human form
Downloads: 34
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 089

Keywords: ond; ihe; ore; gome; game; hove; graphics; fhe; rhe; tor; spectrum version; ihe game; tenstar pack; sega games; randomize usr; press fire; ond sound; mail order; face north; dungeon master
Downloads: 368
[texts]Amiga Format - Screenplay 2 (1991)(Future Publishing)(GB)
Amiga Format - Screenplay 2 (1991)(Future Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: screenplay; jump; game; amiga; hints; walk; click; exit; lever; platform; amiga format; format rating; pull lever; wait wait; double click; press fire; trap door; walk left; upper deck; hidden puzzles
Downloads: 134
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 080

Keywords: ihe; data; game; lor; thai; games; lhe; graphics; magic; spy; infy lives; ihe game; games pack; fun school; pressing fire; press fire; great game; fire button; double dragon; tor ihe
Downloads: 430
[texts]Amtix Magazine Issue 17

Keywords: ihe; game; graphics; screen; software; amtix; tor; thai; amstrad; amtix march; addictive qualities; fire button; word processor; user club; sound effects; software houses; takes place; press fire; dear saffron
Downloads: 793
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 104 (Commodore Force Issue 14)

Keywords: ihe; commodore; lor; data; games; tor; thai; itie; poke; yoj; commodore force; background colour; reel action; super mario; press fire; software houses; responsible lor; reach ihe; low chops; ihe second
Downloads: 424
[texts]TheOne Magazine Issue 37

Keywords: games; amiga; game; software; ihe; lever; disk; disks; graphics; computer; silent service; pull lever; electronic arts; public domain; disk drive; sound effects; lotus turbo; turbo challenge; press fire; mail order
Downloads: 144
[texts]Amstrad Action Issue 088

Keywords: cpc; amstrad; games; game; software; lor; tor; disk; fee; program; power supply; mjc price; amstrad action; hit squad; disk drive; disk drives; gvl microform; press fire; action january; inf lives
Downloads: 326
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 106 (Commodore Force Issue 16)

Keywords: ihe; lor; commodore; poke; tor; iho; hie; gel; vou; games; commodore force; select ihe; reel action; level level; infinite lives; ihe lirst; ihe game; ihe fire; hit ihe; press fire
Downloads: 552
[texts]CU Amiga Magazine Issue 013

Keywords: amiga; disk; game; ihe; games; graphics; disks; software; ttie; screen scene; public domain; disk drive; disk set; press fire; member rrp; deluxe paint; credit card; colour monitor; hard disk
Downloads: 651
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 075

Keywords: poke; ihe; game; thai; data; games; graphics; bul; zzapi; gel; dear lloyd; ihe game; torture screen; lone wolf; mail order; energy lines; press fire; original games; level three; kill ihe
Downloads: 797
[texts]ACE - Issue 44 (1991-05)(Future Publishing)(GB)
ACE - Issue 44 (1991-05)(Future Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: amiga; ace; games; game; atari; software; scene; lor; disks; titles; tpi disks; star ratings; credit card; computer entertainment; software titles; sega megadrive; screen test; press fire; ace rating; wing commander
Downloads: 43
[texts]3DO Manual: Off-world Interceptor (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)
3DO Manual: Off-world Interceptor (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)
Keywords: button; press; crystal; dynamics; hold; vehicle; game; directional; pad; cannon; left shift; jump tank; crystal dynamics; special weapon; fire button; press fire; cannon press; drop ship; directional pad; hold fire
Downloads: 28
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 064

Keywords: ihe; amiga; game; gel; lor; disk; ihc; tor; commodore; graphics; disk drive; diamond pack; zzapt august; system amiga; software houses; silica shop; sale sale; amiga owners; press fire; flashing cross
Downloads: 491
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 005

Keywords: ihe; game; screen; thai; zzapi; games; graphics; vou; commodore; september; fire button; summer games; mail order; press fire; match fishing; high speed; air traffic; screen display; higher levels; test match
Downloads: 685
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 079

Keywords: ihe; tor; lor; thai; amiga; graphics; game; loodata; disk; ttie; silica systems; press fire; hudson hawk; dear lloyd; credit card; cartoon classics; wrestling federation; vertically scrolling; tib drive; tape disc
Downloads: 904
[texts]Your Sinclair Magazine Issue 54

Keywords: tor; erm; lor; data; thai; speccy; spectrum; ttie; press fire; ttw; smash tips; sliding tackles; pipe mania; worldwide software; sam coupe; tenstar pack; years ago; smash tape; secret agent
Downloads: 772
[texts]One for ST Games, The - Issue 037 (1991-10)(EMAP Images)(GB)
One for ST Games, The - Issue 037 (1991-10)(EMAP Images)(GB)
Keywords: games; game; software; lever; atari; ond; microprose; graphics; computer; pull lever; electronic arts; move block; zone warrior; turbo challenge; railroad tycoon; press fire; pocket power; pin dot; lotus turbo
Downloads: 266
[texts]Brutal Football (1993)(Millennium)
Brutal Football (1993)(Millennium)
Keywords: les; vous; brutal; pour; jeu; dei; che; sur; des; joueur; vos joueurs; tous les; brutal football; tasto fuoco; appuyez sur; wild goat; pour faire; press fire; giocatore dei; sur les
Downloads: 17
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 068

Keywords: ihe; amiga; ond; game; graphics; commodore; tor; bul; rhe; wilh; ihe game; diamond pack; vat diamond; system amiga; second level; press fire; dear uoyd; mail order; disk drive; credit card
Downloads: 459
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